Jay Cutler just signed a 1 year $10 million deal with the Miami Dolphins to replace Ryan Tannehill for next season and needless to say, the internet is not happy about it. Jay Cutler is a presumably bad teammate, an obviously bad player, and an injury concern but with the team the Dolphins have this year, I actually like the move to pick up Jay Cutler.

First of all, Ryan Tannehill fucking sucks. Anybody who thinks this is a downgrade hasn’t watched a Dolphins game in the last 3 years, which is pretty understandable now that I’ve read that statement out loud. Ryan Tannehill is exactly the same as Cutler and if you’re a stats nerd you’ll also notice that he’s had a worse QBR than Jay in the years they’ve both completed a full season. Ryan Tannehill is like a really hyped concert and each song you keep telling yourself that the set is going to get better but in the end it’s underwhelming and actually sucks. Jay Cutler can totally fill that role.

The Dolphins aren’t looking for a quarterback to take them to the Super Bowl, and they never had a shot either way. You’re a dumbfuck if you thought that Ryan Tannehill was going to be the Dolphins’ savior. Jay Cutler is probably going to win as many games as Ryan Tannehill would’ve won. It’s not even a desperate attempt to save their season because the outcome is going to be exactly the same. Best case scenario the Dolphins go 10-6 and lose in the first round with or without Tannehill.

Also the money is not a big deal at all. Players are so underpaid that Jerry Jones could put his left nut on payroll and it wouldn’t even make dent in the Cowboy’s cap. Putting Jay Cutler up for $10 mil for a year is really not unreasonable at all when Brock is getting 72 over 4 so chill out if you’re whining about the money. 10 million doesn’t even scratch the Dolphin’s cap space and he’s only a one year rental. I can’t stand it when writers, players, and fans complain about the amount of money QBs get. Nowadays it’s not a shock that QBs get paid the most so just shut up and deal with it.

The Dolphins also aren’t just gonna give up next season when they still have Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry, N’damukong Suh, and Cameron Wake. People think the Dolphin’s should just tank like it’s the NBA even though top draft picks in the NFL always flop. Not only does the team have to stay consistent but they benefit from having Cutler instead of Tannehill. Jay Cutler is going to put more asses in the seats which is really all that the Dolphins should be focused on based off their awful fan base. They should’ve signed Kaepernick, Manziel, and Tebow instead, but Cutler should catch some headlines next year too.

In the end, Cutler is not a bad addition for the Dolphins. I didn’t talk about interceptions for a reason in this blog but besides that, Jay is going to be just as bad as Ryan Tannehill. People need to stop worrying about the back up QB the Dolphins signed and maybe put more focus into ¬†important things like drafting a quality quarterback for the future. All I can hope for is that Jay throws the most picks in a season and rack up defensive fantasy points. Now that I think about it, that is literally all that Jay Cutler is good for.

If you’re somehow a Dolphins fan and you’re worried about next season, don’t be, they’ll still be bad.