While most outdoorsman would think that I am boujee for loving these floating campsites that have no dirt and an in house bathroom, they would be missing out on the best bang for your buck campground in Cali.

These are awesome camps if you have a boat and you want to wakeboard, fish, or just straight up float on water for a few days. It’s a great spot for both people that are afraid of dirt and for those that bathe in it. This is the biggest reservoir in California so everyday you go on the water it almost feels empty plus there are so many nooks and crannies in this place that you can find new parts of the lake everyday you’re there. Plus it’s not a hotspot like Tahoe and somewhat farther away from SF that it draws nearly half the crowd.

If you’re going to go camping here, you’re going to need to get your hands on a boat because it’s a boat in site only. The boat in part of the campsite might seem like a drag but it makes the campsite seclusive. All you have to do is load your stuff in the boat and drive off to your barge. You’ll need water but only for drinking because you’ll be surrounded by a fuck ton of it.


The accommodations at this place are pretty great too. It’s essentially a double decker barge where the tents go on top and on the bottom there is a table, some counters, a sink, and a toilet. The second deck is really fucking hot in the day but once it starts to cool down at night it’s the perfect spot to sleep without any threat of rain. There’s also no hassle in terms of renting a slip at a marina because the dock’s attached right on campsite.

When it comes down to the actual shit that people care about like what I did, I had a ton of fun. I’ve of course been to the floating sites for a few years now and each year they are more or less the same routine of: get up, wakeboard, swim, hangout, repeat. Not bad in my opinion. I love jumping off the top, but I’m going on the record by saying I don’t recommend it. I haven’t really fished besides for fucking around with a rod midday but I’ve heard it’s pretty quality. The water is amazing for swimming, warm on top, cold on the bottom ;). I don’t know why I added a wink face but it just sounded provocative.

If you are trying to go camping with a group of people in Northern California, it’s a perfect party barge for a quarter of the cost of a houseboat. I will say, the less you have on the campsite is the better in my opinion. Either way, I think it’s a top spot for camping and is plenty outdoors for the hardos that are unwilling to do anything other than traditional camping.

Lake Oroville Floating Campsites: 10/10