I am about to dive into one of the most heated debates in history. A debate more historic than Lincoln v Douglas or Trump v Clinton. I have watched Sunny straight through almost 20 times through, so I’m the upmost authority to rank the top episodes of Always Sunny. My criteria is: humor, memorability, and importance. Here we go.

Honorable Mention: The Gang Solves the Gas/Trash Crisis

I’m combining two classic episodes because they have practically the exact same plot except different products. Going door to door trying to sell stupid services to people is classic Always Sunny scheming. Plus the bickering at the front door makes these quality episodes.

Honorable Mention: Chardee Macdennis

The first episode on this list in the best season: season 7. Chardee Macdennis, the game of all games is the first time we were exposed to the gang without any schemes or ideas. Frank helping Mac and Charlie comeback only to end up losing to Dennis and Dee again is a classic Always Sunny moment.


10. The Gang gets Racist

The best episode sans Frank Reynolds is easily the first one. I fell in love with Sunny when Charlie air quotes one of the funniest lines in television history: “There were quote ‘n***** hanging from the rafters.'” The Waitress then walks right behind Charlie and is shocked by the quote that changed the world. The craziest thing is that I never could imagine a white guy using the n word on a tv show and I would never condone it but somehow it worked on Always Sunny. This episode gets the nod because it started the dynasty that is Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

9. The Gang buys a Boat

This episode starts off with the callback to dicktowel.com after the gang tries to buy a P. Diddy esq, high speed, shrimping vessel. This episode is great because it’s really the first time we’re introduced to pedophile Dennis. “The Implication” created the Dennis Reynolds we know and love to this day. Other highlights include Charlie collecting all the stuff that Dee threw overboard.

8. The Gang reignites the Rivalry

Probably the first and only time the gang ever ends up on top is in this episode. By recreating a completely extinct rivalry and starting a completely new one with college kids they take down both old and new foes in this episode. Ruthlessly they destroy the other bar owner’s house including Frank filing his taxes incorrectly. Then they go back to the Frat house and poison those bitches’ drinks. All in all, great episode.

7. The Gang gets Analyzed

After no one washes the dishes at the dinner, the gang goes to Dee’s therapist to see who has to wash the dishes. Charlie banging his head against the wall to Froggy. This episode shows Dee being a classic narcissist and liar to her therapist. Also I love how in the end the therapist still makes Dee do the dishes.

6. McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century

One of the latest episodes brings back almost all the past characters into literally the trial of the century. It was better than OJ, it was Bill Ponderosa against the McPoyles fighting over a $200 suit. Finally Bird Law came in to play and Charlie could truly strut his stuff. Charlie took the lawyer to town and eventually came up victorious. Remember: Bird Law  in this country is not governed by reason.

5. The Gang tries Desperately to win an Award

A nod to Sunny getting robbed of Emmy awards every year, the guys created an excellent episode trying to recreate the vibe of a lively new gastropub. They end up failing spectacularly and Charlie makes one of best songs every written. “There’s a spider, spider, spider… he’s deep in my soul, soul, soul…” He of course sings this after huffing paint in the basement for a few hours.

4. The Cereal Defense: Reynolds vs. Reynolds.

From Mac spending 2 hours making diagrams to disprove evolution to Charlie and Dee battling it out on Paddy’s court, this episode has it all. I love how Frank has Charlie record directions and that Dennis thinks its acceptable to eat cereal in the car. My favorite part of the episode is when Mac starts talking about how he’s an American and Charlie starts nodding his head in blind agreement.

3. The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition

Oh. My. Fucking. God. This is an absolutely golden episode. The poor Suarezes when the gang wakes them up at 5 AM to heavy metal and then continuously ruins their lives. It was easily the dumbest fucking idea they’ve ever had, included with the absolute worst execution of an idea they’ve ever had. This episode gave us the jean shorts and controlled burns, thank god.

2. Frank’s Little Beauties

I will never forget when Mac moved his fatass across the stage to their opening song “Magic’s in the Air.” It was the most amazing combination of choreography, music, and obesity that I have ever seen. They turned the little boy’s pageant into a scandalous edm yankee doodle dance. Not to mention the mortician that Frank brought to a children’s pageant, “Frank my lips are dry.” Everything about this episode straddles the line between right and wrong making it one of the best episodes of all time.

1. The Nightman Cometh

It’s hard to describe the true genius that is The Nightman Cometh. It is by far the funniest most memorable episode in Always Sunny history. “Ya gotta pay the Troll Toll to get into this boy’s soul” will be a line ingrained into my mind forever. It’s the rape combined with the illiteracy that makes this episode the best thing I’ve ever seen on television. The play is Charlie in an absolute nutshell.

I’m sure I could’ve missed out on a few, but I truly think these can easily top them all. In general, every Always Sunny episode could go down in the television Hall of Fame and it’s too bad it’s coming to an end. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will forever and always be my favorite TV show whether it’s dead or alive.