The college football committee got what they wanted and put 4 southern teams in the playoff this year so I want to be the first to congratulate them on their success. Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Clemson have all shown that they can buy the top recruits in the nation this year so they will be facing off in the semifinals. Let’s get started.

Rose Bowl Game

01/01/2018 2:00 PM PST

#2 Oklahoma vs. #3 Georgia

This game has to be one of the hardest games to call in a long time. It’s honestly tough to tell whether either of these teams is the real deal. Oklahoma beat Ohio St in the first game of the year, but at the same time, we learned later on in the season that JT Barrett sucks hard. The best win Georgia had this year was against Auburn, who they also lost to earlier in the season, so that really doesn’t help. Oklahoma obviously has the QB advantage with Baker Mayfield but Georgia still has true freshman Jake Fromm who has thrown the ball well this season. Georgia’s offense goes through running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. I don’t know if I can trust either team in big games, but I think Georgia is the more well rounded team. Of course in college football, the team that has the better QB generally wins so Baker Mayfield keeps Oklahoma in the game.

I don’t think either conference these teams played in this year was very strong this so this is a toss up for me. Georgia and Oklahoma both have stacked offenses and I’d give the defensive edge to Georgia so I’m taking Georgia.

P.S. Props to me for being a hardo and calling it the Rose Bowl Game instead of just the Rose Bowl.

Pick: Georgia -2.5

Sugar Bowl

01/01/2018 5:45 PM PST

#1 Clemson vs. #4 Alabama

First let me give everyone a second to cry for poor Nick Saban after only getting the four seed this year. Major T’s & P’s go out to him for all the adversity he’s gone through. After saying that conference champions should make the playoff last year, but then also saying that his non conference champion Alabama team should make the playoff this time around, the evil empire returns to the Rose Bowl to face Clemson. Clemson has been great all year round except for the slip up against Syracuse when Kelly Bryant got injured.

I am truly conflicted about this game, my heart is saying one thing, yet my mind is saying another. And what my mind is telling me is that Nick Saban won’t let Clemson beat him twice in a row. In fact, and it sickens me to say this, but I don’t think Clemson has a sliver of a chance. This may not be the best statistical analysis, but I’ve watched enough Alabama football to know that Nick Saban does not like losing. If you don’t think Nick Saban is going to put the hammer down on Clemson, you haven’t a single clue about the the devil that is Nick Saban. Let me take you down a trip I like to call memory lane. The year was 2011, a simpler time, LSU beats Alabama 9-6 in OT in the regular season, knocking the Crimson Tide out of the conference championship. Aaah but they meet again, this time in the national championship, in which Nick Saban doesn’t let LSU get past the 50 YARD LINE. So, proceed with caution my friends. Alabama is a three point favorite so if you’re gonna take Clemson, you at least have that going for you. Trust me, I wish I could take Clemson in this game, I really do, but I’m done doubting Bama.

Pick: Bama -3