Imagine being an iguana for a second. It’s a simple life, 85 degrees every day, beautiful trees, warm water. You decide to hop over to your favorite tree to spend the day. Then Bam! There’s a fucking bomb cyclone that literally freezes your entire body. This cyclone bomb is pretty absurd. I’d never imagine seeing snow on a palm tree. Hell has officially frozen over and by hell I mean Florida.

This is the craziest thing I’ve seen from the snow storm aside of ice waves. Yes I said ice waves. A wave in the ocean that has ice in it. That’s practically impossible. Oceans are literally the most massive thing the world, it’s nearly impossible for them to freeze, yet here we are.

P.S. And yes there was a guy who decided to surf these waves


RIPIP iguana I hope no more of your iguana friends die tragic deaths like you.

I’ll be writing more about the heroic uber and grub hub drivers powering through the storm to deliver to their customers.