No. No they don’t. But for the sake of an argument, I will explain why.

  1. The Warriors have size and athleticism that the Rockets simply cannot compete with. How long is Trevor Ariza going to be able to guard Kevin Durant and who is backing him up on the bench? Luc Mbah Moute? I definitely don’t think James Harden is locking up Klay Thompson, let alone Quinn Cook, and we’ve seen what happens when Chris Paul guards Steph. Any combination of defense is not going to combat against the Warriors. I still haven’t talked about Draymond, whose ability to spread the ball has proved to be lethal throughout the playoffs. Not to mention Swaggy P, David West, Livingston, Iguadala, McGee, and Jordan Bell are still going to be hell for any Rocket’s defender. Overall, I don’t trust any starters or rotation guys to compete with the Warriors over a seven game stretch.
  2. The Rockets have Chris Paul on their team. I was honestly surprised to see that Paul averaged 21.4 points and 9.4 assists per game through 76 playoffs games, but he still can’t get it done when it matters most. He has NEVER made it passed the second round, and he hasn’t been playing with any scrubs. Of course, he was the star of the show in New Orleans, but, in LA they put together one of the most prolific teams on paper in NBA history and they still couldn’t come close to sniffing a WCF. If Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, Doc Rivers, and CP3 couldn’t even win 4 games against the Grizzlies, how is he going to beat the Warriors this time around?
  3. The Warriors should have no problem stopping the Rockets. We all know that Draymond is going to be defensive force throughout the playoffs. But now, Kevin Durant aka DPOY has been unstoppable, and let’s not forget about Klay Thompson’s ability to shutdown any guard in the NBA. Sure they haven’t been playing great defensively so far, but that all changes when it’s crunch time. The Warriors also don’t lose much by turning to there bench. We all witnessed Iggy shutdown LeBron, so I don’t think Ariza should be too tough for him.
  4. The Warriors boat race anyone that tries to play their game. The dumbest stat I always hear is that someone other than the Golden State Warriors is the best three point shooting team in the league. Any time the Warriors meet up with these teams, they kill them because the best imitators of the Warriors ARE THE WARRIORS. The Rockets can try to beat them with the three ball, but it hasn’t worked out so well for the Cavs, Thunder, or Spurs so far.
  5. Swaggy P. Annnd I just ordered his jersey. Blue away version.

The Rockets have a sliver of a chance to even get to the Warriors. I slandered Chris Paul’s playoff record, but James Harden’s isn’t much better. At this moment the Rockets will play the Jazz, Thunder, and then the Warriors. Let’s just say I’m feeling quite confident in our odds this year.