So I was taking a break from the blogging machine today and I was wondering, is George Clooney actually overrated? First things first, I will not be slandering his looks whatsoever, George Clooney is a Greek god and there’e no argument about that. George_Clooney.jpg

I mean, cmon. However, with all that being said, hasn’t Clooney underperformed compared to his competitors. Clooney has simply been skating off his looks for all these years and now it’s time for someone to bring him back to Earth. And, I’m not gonna talk Oscars because those are stupid and don’t signify true talent.

First off, has anyone ever seen the Descendants, I haven’t, and I don’t know anyone that has. All of his work is boring as fuck with Ocean’s Eleven being the only exception. No one’s itching to watch reruns of ER. He’s got Gravity which is a story about how annoying Sandra Bullock would be if you left her in space for 48 hours. As well as another movie called Up in the Air, in which he’s in an airplane this time. I also have never thought, “You know what movie I wanna watch, ‘Brother, Where Art Thou.'” Now let’s compare him to a couple of counterparts.

Matt Damon

This isn’t even close. George Clooney can’t even come close in space movies. The Martian and Interstellar were a million times better than Gravity, and Gravity is supposed to be one of Clooney’s best movies. Goodwill Hunting is one of the best movies of all time and has a considerably better plot than Clooney has ever had. Let’s compare Damon’s Bourne movies to the WORST Batman movie of all time. Batman & Robin got a 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, that’s worse than Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Matt Damon also killed on the same Ocean’s Eleven movie that Clooney starred in so Round one goes to Damon.

Brad Pitt

Another superior member of Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt kills in every role he’s in. Whether it’s Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds or Billy Beane in Moneyball. Pitt kills every role he’s in. Clooney can only play a silver fox that says cool lines every once in a while. Plus Brad Pitt hasn’t stopped, he keeps making incredible movies like the Big Short, unlike Clooney who hasn’t made anything worth watching for 10 years.

Leonardo DiCaprio

He might be a little out of Clooney’s age range but I’m still including him because his reign has lasted during the same time as Clooney’s has. George Clooney has never had a smash hit like DiCaprio’s Titanic, Inception, the Wolf of Wall Street, or even The Revenant. Clooney has never had a legendary movie that everyone says, “Wow, that’s the best movie of all time!”. Leonardo has a couple of those movies, and that’s why he’s better.

I’ll list out a few actors in his age range that Clooney also doesn’t come close to.

Denzel Washington, Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Robin Williams, Bruce Willis, etc.

In the end, yes Clooney has the look, but his movies are all C+ and he’s had a few terrible ones as well. Give me Damon and DiCaprio and you can have George Clooney.